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On-demand lawn care.

Get lawn care services at the push of a button.

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The easiest lawn care experience

Take control of your lawn.

Download the app and map your yard to see your price. We won't ask for any credit card information until you're ready to book.

Then customize your services - choose from mowing, weed eating, edging and blowing - select a date and request service. You won’t have to lift a finger... okay, just one finger... to press the button.

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a-la-carte services
Á-la-carte services
Select only the services you want from mowing, weed eating, edging and blowing.
transparent pricing
Schedule Service
Select a "complete by" date to set your 3-day service window. Once you set it, forget it.
schedule service
Transparent Pricing
Get a clear, immediate price before you even give us your credit card information.
in-app payments
Cashless Payments
Easily pay with your card right from the app. No more cash/check under the doormat.
Block Mower weed eating customer's yard
We've got you covered

We'll take care of the admin, freeing you up to mow and earn.

No more headache.

We'll handle all customer support and claims.

No more collecting payments.

You get paid on-time, every time.

No more lost accounts.

If you're out sick or on vacation, we'll cover your yards.

No more sales.

Have capacity? Pick up additional jobs from the queue.

No more risk.

You'll be covered by our general liability and worker's comp.

Mow with Block

What others are saying about Block.

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‎Kara Robinett‎
5-star Rating

I can't say enough about the time saving convenience, quality work and above and beyond customer service these guys provide! Innovative technology backed by traditional values and stellar service gets my business every time! So glad to have found this service!

Katie Douglas
5-star Rating

This was by far the most affordable service I’ve used with quality work. I loved every step of this experience. It’s just so very easy to get quality lawn service with a few clicks. What a great app and idea!

Apple App Store
Kara Robinett
5-star Rating

Having lived in an apartment for the last several years, I rented a house for the first time this past winter. Spring caught me by surprise, with no lawn care equipment and an increasingly angry neighbor 🙄 I had scoured the internet, asked for recommendations on Facebook and was about to resort to a door to door campaign in my neighborhood when I came across this app. Genius! So easy and convenient plus... they did an AMAZING job!

Google Play Store
Harley Richeaux
5-star Rating

This is perfect for college students that don’t own yard equipment! Super easy to book and simple! Setting up my account took less than a minute!

Apple App Store