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A 3-step guide to freeing up your time.

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A 3-step guide to freeing up your time.
Jacob Jolibois
Mar 13, 2019
A 3-step guide to freeing up your time.

In our last article, we asked three questions to help us assess our priorities. We wanted to know, are we letting the urgent things crowd out the important things?

If the answer is “yes,” and, admittedly, it will be for many of us, then we have a bit of reprioritizing to do. Now, before you get scared off, I promise this is more fun than you might imagine!

The framework is simple:

  1. Eliminate
  2. Automate
  3. Delegate

Let’s jump right in.


Not surprisingly, our lives can build up a lot of clutter. Coffee dates, clubs, board meetings, soccer practices… it adds up! And even if you don’t realize it, each new commitment adds a mental weight. Despite our best efforts to keep a well-organized calendar or to-do list, our minds have a hard time letting go of those events so they sit on the back burners of our minds, simmering.

And while some commitments are necessary, like work, others might be optional, like that book club that you don’t even really like. So be honest with yourself and make the hard decision to let a few things go. You’ll be happy that you did.


Now that you’ve (hopefully) whittled down your list of commitments and to-do’s to only the things that truly matter, there are some that don’t require your active participation. Think about paying the bills or mowing your lawn. By setting up automatic bill pay or booking a mower through Block (shameless plug), you rescue hours of your precious time that can now be reallocated to helping your child practice their softball pitch or going on a date with your spouse.

A few minutes of automation can give you hours of relaxation. Stop wasting time on the things that don’t matter.


You’re off to an amazing start! You’ve reduced your commitments to things that matter, automated those that don’t demand your focused attention and are left with only a handful that need to be handled.

That brings us to delegation. If you’re like me, you might try to do everything yourself. Anyone with me? But guess what… you can’t. That’s what caused you to get burnt out in the first place! Remember, a meaningful life is often found in the margins. So make time for the things that matter.

If a task does not require you to do it, ask yourself who you can delegate it to. Your spouse? Your employee? Your virtual assistant? Your kids? Your neighbor? Of course, don’t dump everything on someone else and then kick back and relax while they slave away. But don’t be afraid to spread the load if the situation is appropriate.

We believe in making time for the things that matter.

We hope that we’ve helped you do the same. Life is too short to spend it mowing grass. Make more time for what matters.

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