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Vetted Mowers.

Vetted Mowers.

All employees have been interviewed in person and have undergone an official background check.
Vetted Mowers.

A Brand You Can Trust

Unlike all of our competitors, Block doesn't contract your job out to a third-party lawn care service. We hire all of our workers as W2 employees so that we can ensure you're getting a consistent, quality experience each and every time.

Our Vetting Process

Application: It all starts with an application. We go through hundreds of applications to find candidates who meet our rigorous standards.

References: In the application, each mower provides references and we call every single one to hear from the people who are closest to them.

Interview: If their references sing their praises, we'll bring them in for an interview to see if they'll be a good cultural fit.

Background Check: After the interview, if we want to bring them on, they'll go through a background check.

Job Offer: If they pass the background check, we'll send them a job offer. But we're not done yet.

On-boarding & Training: We bring in every single Mower to go through our on-boarding event we call Starting Line. During Starting Line we bring them into Block's culture and train them on how our values - generosity, service and joy - play a tangible role in how we make decisions as a company and serve our Users.

Proficiency Check: And of course, we make sure that they're trained in the best techniques and methods for servicing your lawn.

Mower Profile: As a final touch, we take their headshot and upload it to their mower profile so you will always see a name and a face to know exactly who is servicing your property.

Part of Your Team

Everything we do is to make sure you can trust the people we send to your house. They're not a stranger that we've handed off your job to. These Mowers are part of our team and now, they're part of yours.