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Claims Process

Last Updated: April 9, 2019


We don’t really like the fact that you’re having to read this policy because that means we probably messed up. It also means that the Mower that provided the service most likely doesn’t know that there was damage caused to your property because we train them to identify damage when it happens and to be the first to report it. Less headache for you.

At any rate, we are really sorry for the inconvenience! But don’t worry! We want to help you. Please read the process below so that we can take care of you ASAP.

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Evergreen Customer Promise

As a vote of confidence that we are going to resolve claims with lightning speed (or should we say as fast as the summertime grass grows in Louisiana?), we commit to service your yard FOR FREE as long as you have an outstanding claim that has been accepted to be paid out. This is our Evergreen Customer Promise.

Frequency of free service will be limited to whichever is less frequent between once every week and a half (1.5 weeks) or the typical seasonal frequency.

Starting a Claim

To start a claim, either submit a support ticket through the app


Email the following information to oops@blocklawncare.com:

What to expect from there…

Upon reception of this information, one of our support staff will review the evidence and speak with the Mower who allegedly caused the damage. Upon completion of the review process, we will contact you to do one of two things:

If it is deemed that our Mower could not have plausibly caused the alleged damage, neither Block nor our insurers will pay out any monetary amount for a claim.

If we find that we are at fault, we guarantee that we’ll take care of the damage IN FULL. Consider it done. If the damage is significant, we ask that you bear with us as claims that are submitted to our insurers may take longer than ones we are able to settle out of pocket.

Deadline to Submit a Claim

Claims must be submitted within a reasonable timeframe after the alleged damage occurred. We define “reasonable” as 14 days because that is enough time for some yards to be serviced twice. Submitting a claim past 14 days from the time of service makes it hard for Block to claim liability, especially if Block isn’t the only entity performing yard maintenance at your house. Claims that are not submitted within 14 days when the alleged damage occurred will not be considered for monetary payout by neither Block nor Block’s insurers.


You can submit a support ticket through the Block app on your mobile device or, if you are unable to find the answers to your questions or concerns, please email us or call our Support Team at (225) 612-2178.