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Standards of Service

Last Updated: April 9, 2019
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Our Joyful Guarantee

Our goal is to provide quality lawn services in an on-demand manner at fair prices. This document’s purpose is to define the standards that are communicated to our Mowers so you, the customer, can know whether the service that you receive meets our standards or not. We have to start by acknowledging that we are not trying to provide the highest quality of lawn services in the market (yet) which is is reflected in our pricing. So, we ask that you manage your expectations by reading this document in its entirety.

If the services you receive fall below these standards, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support line at (225) 612-2178 and we will joyfully assist you as we try to remedy the situation.

Yard’s current condition

Your yard must be reasonably kept up before Block services it. Yards with grass over six (6) inches tall will be assessed a “overgrown” fee depending on the extra time it will take to service your yard. Your edge must either be “set” (described below) or already straight.

Á-la-carte Services

We give you the option to select which services you pay for… which is how it should be, right? By excluding edging, weed eating, and blowing services, you acknowledge that the appearance of your yard will not be as good as if you pay for full service, especially if you leave out weed eating.


We consider edging to be the vertical trimming of the areas between hard surfaces and your lawn and is one of the major factors between a lawn simply looking “mowed” and a lawn that is maintained.

Block does not not currently “set” edges. An edge is “set” when there is a gap between any hard surface and your grass that is a few inches deep. If your edge is already set, Block will help maintain that edge. If your edge is not set, Block will simply trim a straight line on the applicable places.

Our Mowers use string trimmers instead of blade edgers, so the edge line will not be perfectly straight. A few nicks in the edge is acceptable as it happens every once in a while.


Block Mowers set the height of their mower deck to trim a third (⅓) of the current height of your grass. We do this to ensure your grass isn’t over-cut which can harm your lawn’s health. For this reason, the height of your grass upon completion of service will vary pending how frequently you have Block come out. The frequency of service will need to increase as the grass grows faster in order to maintain a healthy grass height.

Customers with yards that have dips, ditches, slopes and other changes in angle and elevation will not get as even of a cut. As the mowers wheels go into a dip or hole, this drops the mower’s deck height and cuts the grass shorter than anticipated resulting in patches in your yard. Unless the yard is leveled, this will not change, but we will do our best to prohibit this from happening. This is another reason why we keep our deck heights at a level that only one third (⅓) of the blade height is cut… so if the mower dips, the unexpected cut won’t be as noticeable.

Our Mowers are coached to mow closely to the edges but not roll over the edges with the blade in contact with the grass. This allows us to sculpt an edge that is as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. This is not always able to be achieved if your edge is on an incline.

The only time one of our Mowers may run over your edge is if you decline weed eating services. If they did not do this, it would result in 95% of the lawn being cut with a ring of higher grass around your property. The result yard would have rounded edges, rather than sharper 90 degree edges, with taller grass in areas described below.

Weed Eating

We consider weed eating to be the horizontal trimming of all grass that is not cut by the lawn mower. Mowers will trim the perimeter of each part of your yard to ensure that no “stragglers” are left standing.

If you do not select to pay for weed eating, there will be taller grass left up against your house, flower beds, fences, driveway, sidewalk, street and other transitions.


If you select blowing, our Mowers will blow clippings off of all hard surfaces (including patios, street, sidewalks, walkways, driveway, etc.) back on to the yard. The nutrient-rich clippings help nourish your yard creating a healthier and more envy-inducing lawn!

If yard is overgrown, you should expect more clippings than usual. In the prior scenario as well as when the grass is slightly wet, these clippings will most likely end up in clumps on your yard and, if left to sit, will leave discolored patches in your lawn. We do not claim liability for these discolored patches as bagging clippings is not apart of our services. We will not spread these clumps out for you. If you see these clumps, pick them up or spread them out to avoid any unwanted discoloration.

Some clippings may be blown onto flower beds or may be left in unwanted areas. This is not intentional, but is also not abnormal and is not grounds for any claim.

Missed areas

Our Mowers will walk the property and identify all areas needing to be serviced before beginning the job. However, hard-to-find areas must be explicitly mentioned in the special instructions portion of your profile. Any area that appears like a flower bed, garden or other area where something other than grass is being cultivated, even if it is overgrown, will not be mowed or serviced in any way. Areas that may be hard to find that are not explained in the special instructions should not be expected to be serviced. The same goes for areas that are difficult to access.

Updates and Changes

We reserve the right to update and change the contents of our standards of service. We encourage you to periodically review this policy for the latest information on our standards of service.