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Review our coverage.

As a Block partner, you're covered while you're on the Block platform.

Online coverage.

Block carries several different policies to ensure that you're covered. While you’re working with Block, you are covered for your liability to a third party if you break a window, run into a structure or otherwise do damage to their property and you’re at fault. A third party is the client who you are servicing. Coverage includes your liability to pay another person’s medical bills or to pay for property damage (like a broken window).

If you are not at fault, you may make a claim against their insurance. Your personal insurance policy may also cover you in this situation. Please check your personal coverage for more information.

If you are offline.

Since you are not mowing on the Block platform during this period, you are not covered by Block's insurance policies for our partners. If you get into any accidents while not mowing on the Block platform you must be covered by a personal insurance policy that you purchase on your own.