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How does Block work?

Block is a lawn care technology company, building products that help you make time for the things that matter. Our mobile applications connect you with our Mowers, providing you with on-demand lawn care.


  1. You can download the app in the Apple App store if you are an iPhone user or the Google Play store if you are an Android user. The app is free to download.
  2. Open the app and it will walk you through the registration process step by step. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, property address, billing information and any special information such as gate instructions.

Requesting Service

  1. Once you have created an account, requesting service is simple. You should have already added any special instructions during the registration process, but if you didn't or if you would like to update those instructions, you may do so from the Account tab (the third tab in the menu at the bottom of your screen). Instructions should include any necessary information for your Mower to service your property, such as gate codes, parking restrictions, nuanced directions or areas of the yard to watch out for. Failure to provide these instructions could result in a fine if your Mower is unable to complete your property.
  2. First, make sure you are on the home screen (the first tab in the menu at the bottom of your screen).
  3. Select the services you want from the list and get clear, immediate pricing that will automatically update to reflect your choices.
  4. Tap "Book a Mower" and choose a date from the date picker that appears. Note that the date you picked will be preceded by a two-day span, giving your Mower a 3-day window in which to service your property. We guarantee that it will be completed by the date you requested.
  5. Once you have selected your "mow by" date, you will be able to review your information before confirming and paying.
  6. Tap "Confirm & Pay" to complete the request. You will be notified when you are paired with a Mower.


  1. Before your Mower services your property, please make sure that your special instructions are up to date and that your yard is clear of any toys, limbs or other obstacles that would obstruct your Mower's path.
  2. You will be notified when your Mower is on their way and once more when they arrive.

Rate & Review

  1. After they service your property, you will be given an opportunity to rate and review your Mower and they will be able to rate and review you.
  2. Once both parties have submitted their rating and review, each will be able to view the other's response.
  3. We value the safety and privacy of our customers and our Mowers. Ratings and Reviews are a precaution to keep each party accountable and gauge performance so we might improve our service for you.
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You can submit a support ticket through the Block app on your mobile device or, if you are unable to find the answers to your questions or concerns, please email us or call our Support Team at (225) 612-2178.